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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Habitat for Humanity Ontario Gateway North. While we don’t have opportunities for site volunteers on our build sites at the moment, we have lots of other options for volunteering. Please check https://www.habitatgatewaynorth.com/get-involved

    Please note that we are planning construction projects in locations across our territory. When a project is construction ready, applications for volunteer roles will be made available here.

    Please read the following carefully. Failure to follow these safety guidelines puts you and others at risk.

    • SAFETY is everybody's concern. Always follow safework practices.

    • First Aid treatment is to be obtained promptly for any injury.

    • All incidents that result in damage or injury, unsafe acts and conditions including "near miss" incidents are to be reported to the Construction Supervisor.

    • All work shall be carried out in accordance with the appropriate safe work practices and the Supervisor's direction.

    • CAUTION is the rule. NEVER put yourself or others at risk. THINK before performing a task. Ask a crew leader or Construction Supervisor for help if you're unsure.

    • Note the location of the FIRST AID KIT and understand how to get EMERGENCY help.

    • PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (PPE)is required. PROTECT your head, eyes, hands & feet, as appropriate. CSA approved footwear, protective eyewear and long pants must be worn on site.

    • SAFETY HARNESSES and ROPES must be used when working on the roof or in the man lift.

    • FALL PROTECTION must be used when working over 3 meters above a secure work surface
      Understand the proper use of POWER TOOLS. ASK if you are unsure. DO NOT use them unless you know how, and only use them for what they are designed to do. DO NOT remove safety guards.

    • ENSURE that all tools are clean and in proper working order before using. REPORT any tool defects to the Construction Supervisor immediately.

    • INSPECT ladders and scaffolding before using; they must be used safely and with proper precautions.

    • Help keep our site CLEAN and HAZARD FREE. Ensure materials, rubbish and scrap is cleaned up daily.

    • Direction on SAFETY from crew leader or Construction Supervisor must be followed. All Provincial safety rules must be followed. Refer to Safety, Health & Environment Policy and Handbook.

    • Fighting, horseplay, theft, vandalism or any misuse of Habitat property is prohibited.

    • Leave all valuables at home. HFHS/L will not be responsible for lost of stolen property.

    • SMOKING, Alcohol or illegal drugs is PROHIBITED on the job site.

    • 16 and 17 year olds must have written parental permission before working on site. Youth under 16 years' of age are NOT permitted on site.

    I have fully read and understand the safety Guidelines *

    Safety video Click to watch


    Please read our Waver and Indemnity


    Please read our Code of Conduct


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