Riverside Public School students build tables for Habitat for Humanity

Riverside School Habitat for Humanity Students

Spencer Heaney, Cole Killerworth and Caden Leadstor are three of 50 students from Riverside Public School who built two tables for families in partnership with Habitat for Humanity. They attended the key ceremony on April 22. - Brendan Kyle Jure


HUNTSVILLE — Riverside Public School’s Grade 7 and 8 students are up for some good karma.

“The kids at Riverside are so generous,” says Aly Guildford.

Guildford, along with her partner Joel Rhiness and son, Oliver, are one of the two families who recently found themselves owning a new home on April 22, built by Habitat for Humanity’s volunteers.

With the home came a new sturdy dining table built by the kids from Riverside under the guidance of teachers, Katie Pellerin and Greg Pitts.

“One of the teachers (Pitts) at Riverside was my teacher at Irwin (Memorial Public School), so he watched me and my brother grow up,” said Guildford. “It’s crazy that he’s here to watch me move into my house when he taught me most of my life.”

The two teachers and three of their students attended the key ceremony on April 22 to congratulate the young family as they moved into their new home.

“I saw the family with the little kid and it was a good feeling,” said Cole Killerworth, one of the students.

The students also built a table for the other family moving, Alyssa Foran and her son, Ethan, along with her partner James Speicher.

“We were just overwhelmed and shocked (that) the kids from Riverside would take the time and learn to build this beautiful table set,” said Foran.

Both families had no idea that a table set would be awaiting them until the morning of the ceremony.


“The craftsmanship and the care they put into the project is unbelievable and just really neat to be able to see the power of a group of 50 Grade 7 and 8s,” said Pellerin.

After building tables for the classroom, the teachers had the idea to build something they could give back to the community.

“I think they did an amazing job. Never did we imagine something like this,” says Pitts. “So proud of these guys.”