Castle Peak Residents Donate Proceeds to Habitat


A collection of stories from residents ages 70 to 104 tell the tale of a generation and will now help build

The 52 short stories and poems from Bracebridge’s Castle Peak residents tell the tale of a generation through romances, childhood, war and memories. The stories in “At Your Age?” will forever live on, and now, thanks to a $1,000 donation from the proceeds, they will help to build the legacy of local affordable housing for hardworking families.

The book “At Your Age?” has been compiled by Edith White, Eve Jones and Liam Dwyer, all residents at Castle Peak. They hoped for the stories of their friends and neighbours to be recorded and live on through the page. The book has since sold over 1,200 copies in its first six months post-publishing and raised $9,000 for local charities.

“We were honoured to have been chosen as the recipient of this generous gift,” said Habitat’s Director of Development and Communications Britta Gerwin. “I think it’s fitting the book will keep these stories alive while the proceeds will help build affordable housing in Bracebridge and a new life for local families. We’ll be sure to give copies to the families who move into the homes.”

The original incentive to publish the stories found in “At Your Age?” was to ensure the stories would not be lost. A press release sent out promoting the book stated “The tendency of society is to write us off. We have continued to know our responsibility to the community and have accepted that challenge, to not only record our lives for all to read, but to contribute all proceeds from the sales.”

Celebrate Canada’s 150th Anniversary by reliving the stories from its golden generation. Copies of “At Your Age?” are sold at Veranda in Bracebridge, Sleuth of Baker St. in Toronto, the Steam Boat Discovery Center and Castle Peak Retirement Residence.

“We look forward to breaking ground in Bracebridge, and hopefully have a number of the residents from Castle Peak join us for the start of another great story,” said Gerwin.
If you would like to join the upcoming Bracebridge build as a sponsor, partner, or volunteer contact Habitat’s Director of Director of Development Britta Gerwin at (705) 646-0106 ext. 205 or email